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Aftermarket Spray Parts Presents Bedford Spray Equipment Parts

OEM Quality Fittings - Adapters - Valves

These fittings, adapters and valves are engineered and manufactured to rigid specifications to duplicate quality, appearance and performance characteristics of the Original Equipment Manufacturers' parts. With these fittings, adapters and valves, you can be assured of quality and trouble-free performance.

If the fittings, adapters or valves you are seeking is not shown at the website,

We may have if off-line. Our friendly staff will be pleased to be of service.

(Please have the OEM part number ready when you call)

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Rig professional paint application equipment for any paint job.
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Let Me See, How Do I ........

You are starting a new job tomorrow and you need to rig your airless pump so you can attack the job in a better way. You get an idea to rig your pump to run 2 sets of 100' length of airless hoses, instead of the single 50' line that you run on a daily basis. You need an extra ball valve on the outlet filter manifold, so you have some control of the second line. You need some extra 'high pressure hose connectors' to connect the 50' length of hose. You will be spraying all day and will need 2 whip hoses, one for each 100' length, to provide some strain relief. What about two inline filters to keep that airless tip from plugging. Your story may be different, but if you are spraying paint, you will be rigging your airless pump for a special job.

Having an assortment of on hand inventory of spare fittings, adapters and ball valves to support you professional paint business just make plain sense.

Professional Grade, American Made OEM Quality - Discount Prices

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